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PhotoSEL Beauty Dish Review Part1

This week I took delivery of a 40cm 112 Degree Beauty Dish Reflector & Honeycomb with S-Type fitting to couple up to my Bowens studio kit.

I will be using this reflector for the first time tomorrow in collaboration with Hair/Make-up artist and models so I’m very keen to see the results. Although at this point I must say I’m impressed with the build quality which was something I was concerned about when I read PhotoSEL’s buy line ‘Professional Equipments at Affordable Prices‘. ‘Affordable‘ usually equates to something else in photography terms however I can categorically state there is nothing that feels particularly cheap here. ‘Equipments‘ – I am guessing this is just bad English but gives us a small clue to the product’s origin.

Interesting to find out the company is registered just over the river in Kingston, it would be good to go there and see & evaluate some of their other products. I will be sure to follow up this post with some results from using the PhotoSEL Beauty Dish next week hopefully.

Do take a look at the original Product Page on PhotoSEL’s website.

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